Sunday, February 11, 2018

Simple Stripe and Polka Dot Cake

This week's cake was for my nephew and his bride-to-be's engagement party.  I modeled it on a  Black, White & Crimson beauty I found on The Cake Parlour's website, but sadly my cake didn't look as striking as theirs.  I guess my teal, white, and peach colors weren't as bold and eye-catching as the black and white combo.  Oh well, such is life.

For the stripes I simply used silk ribbon which I backed with pieces of Glad's Press & Seal wrap.  I didn't want the ribbon touching the fondant, because I was afraid the dye from the ribbon would bleed onto the cake.   Using the silk ribbon is SO MUCH EASIER than fondant ribbons that pull out of shape when you try to place them. 

The positioning of the fondant dots was the hardest part of this cake.   To get the placement of each dot exactly right I tried making a templet on the computer, but it was a time consuming PITA that didn't work.  In the end I just kind-of eye-balled it.  I cut out a square of paper matching the height of the tier (minus the height of the ribbon) and put a hole in the center.  Then I just hovered the paper over the cake and placed the polka dots at the four corners.  I pricked a pin-hole in the fondant at the center of the paper square, and when I removed the paper I just placed the center dot.  When I got the the back of the cake the placement of the dots wasn't "exactly" correct, but it was close enough that no one noticed.

So I think this is the last engagement cake for a while (thank goodness).  I much prefer doing birthday cakes - so much less stressful.

Happy Decorating,


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Supply List: 

Mona Lisa White Fondant
Fat Boba Straws
Wilton 14" Cake Drum
Alligator Impression Mat
Glad Press & Seal Wrap