Saturday, December 23, 2017

Melting Ice Cream Cone Cake

Another family birthday cake request.  This time it was for one of those upside-down, melting ice cream cone cakes.

Fun, Fun, Fun... And easy to boot.  I love it when someone wants a cake that takes NO prep before the decorating begins.  No detailed gum paste figures, no intricate flowers.  Just an ice cream cone melting on top of the cake, and lots of candy stuck to the sides.  How easy is that??!!!

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I started with the "mock" truffles in their "paper" cups.  I wanted everything on the cake to be edible, so I made the paper cups out of pink candy melts.  I just melted the chocolate and spread it inside a mini cupcake liner.  I had to use a bunch of cupcake liners to hold the chocolate in place.

After the chocolate hardened, I carefully pulled away the paper and I was left with a realistic looking chocolate cup.

For the "truffle" inside the cup I just used a piece of fondant rolled in melted dark chocolate and then sprinkled with jimmies.  I was going to use some real truffles, but the ones I had in the house were a little too small for my cups.

Next came the border around the base of the tiers.  I wanted the base trimmed in candy sixlets, but  placing all those individual balls would have been too time consuming.  So instead I used a mold.  Quick and easy.  I just pressed some fondant into the mold, popped it out, and placed it on the cake.  The mold I used is actually sold as a pie crust impression mat, but it works great for fondant too.

I had both tiers trimmed in just a few minutes.

Next I placed some jumbo gumballs around the base, and then I made some lollipops out of fondant and stuck them to the side of the cake.

I made lots and lots of lollipops in all different colors.  

I also added store bought candies: M&Ms, Skittles, Hershey Drops, and Hershey Miniature Bars.  And my Mock Truffles in their pink chocolate cups.

Next came the topper - the melting ice cream cone.  I started with glob of melted pink candy melts.

Then I placed the scoop of "ice cream".  It is actually Rice Crispy Treats that I formed into a half ball and covered in melted pink candy melts.  I also hollowed out the center of the ball because I didn't want to waste my Rice Crispy Treats.

I used a real cone for the "cone" of my topper, and threw on some jimmies.  Here is...

But I wasn't happy with the look of the melting ice cream.   You couldn't really see the bend where the pink chocolate changed from the round scoop of ice cream to the melting pool.  So I used some powder food color in dark pink to accentuate the boundary.  It may just be me, but I think it looks better.

So here is the final cake.  Everyone screams for ice cream.

Happy Decorating,