Saturday, November 3, 2018

Halloween Mummy Cake

I needed a cake for our Halloween office party, but since I would only have a few hours to work on it so I chose a simple design.

I started out with two 8"x 8" cakes.  One was red velvet and one white.  I just laid then end to end, slapped on a little buttercream, and place an oval of black fondant where the eyes would go.

Then I just started draping 3/4" wide strips of fondant across the cake.  I dusted the edges of the strips with a little cocoa power to give it an aged look.

Next went on the eye balls looking in the direction of where the spider would be place.

The "BOO!!" when on last.  The letters are sugar cookies iced in Toba Garrett's glaze .  I baked and iced them a few days ahead of time and seriously miss judged the size of the cookies I would need.  When I tired to place them on the cake there were way, way TOO BIG.  But in the end I managed to squeeze them on with just a little bit hanging off the sides of the cake.

But hey it was a cake for work, so no one would criticize my Bo-Bo.

Happy Decorating,