Sunday, July 5, 2009

Results - June Yellow Cake Scratch-Off

A group of scratch bakers over at Cake Central have been having a "Scratch-Off" in which 15 different Yellow Cake recipes were baked and reviewed. 18 bakers participated and a total of 40 votes were cast.

The fifteen yellow cake recipes compared were:

  1. Great American Cakes by Barbara Kafka
  2. Lita829's Yellow Cake - see page 3 post #9 of for recipe
  3. Sylvia Weinstock's Classic Yellow Cake
  4. Sylvia Weinstock's NEW Yellow Cake
  5. Not So Lemon Lemon Cake from Magnolia Bakery
  6. Paula Deen's 1234 Basic 1-2-3-4 Cake
  7. Whimsical Bake House Gold Cake
  8. All-Purpose Buttery Yellow Cake - The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook
  9. Vanilla Buttermilk Recipe from Sky High
  10. White on White Buttermilk Cake
  11. The All-Occasion Downy Yellow Cake
  12. Cakeman Raven's Red Velvet Modified by Maryjsgirl into a yellow and lighter cake
  13. K8Memphis Golden Cake - see page 3 post #9 of for recipe
  14. Serious Cakes' Yellow Cake
  15. Toba Garett's Moist Yellow Cake
(drum roll please)

The WINNER with 6 votes and final score of 8.83) of Cake Central's June's Yellow Cake "Scratch-Off is ...

Wait for it...

Sylvia Weinstock's ORIGINAL Classic Yellow Cake !!!!!!!

#1 - Sylvia Weinstock's Original Classic Yellow Cake - with a final score of 8.83
#2 - White on White Buttermilk - 8.33
#3 - Not So Lemon Magnolia Cake - 8.25

Congratulations Sylvia Weinstock's ORIGINAL Classic Yellow Cake !!!

PS: a lot of the testers tried Sylvia's NEW recipe (which is her old recipe plus 1 cup of milk) and 90% of testers considered it a total flop. So be warned.

July's Scratch-Off will be CHOCOLATE CAKE. Yummm. Nothing better than chocolate.

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