Thursday, January 31, 2013

Martha Stewart’s Meyer Lemon Cupcakes

I still had some Meyer Lemons leftover from my big score at Sam’s Club. Can you believe they were selling 2lb containers of Meyer Lemons for 0.98 cents!!! I’ve made lemon bars, lemon pudding, lemon cookies, lemon pound cake, and still have a few lemons left over.

What to make, what to bake? A final search of the internet turned up one more treat that would use up my last few Meyer Lemons...

Martha Stewart’s Meyer Lemon Cupcakes, which I found on the blog Way More Than 52 CupCakes which in turn came from the recipe book: Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone’s Favorite Treat 175 Cupcakes .

The cupcake is in essence white cake with a little lemon curd on top. The pictures on 52 CupCake’s looked delicious and intriguing, but mine looked odd and a little unappetizing. Even my Mom who loves lemon curd gave the cupcakes a funny look. She said it looked like old egg yolk sitting on top of a muffin!

They look a little better once they were sliced open, but I had to do some serious arm twisting to get my family to even taste them.

And sadly even after the taste test, the cupcakes didn’t get rave reviews. Most people said the lemon curd was nice, but the cake was way too dense.

Oh well I guess this proves that sometimes things look better than they taste, or in my case they taste as bad as they look.

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