Sunday, August 6, 2017

Oreo Quadruple Stuf Cookie Cake

The Oreogasm Cake made famous by Delish has become a family favorite (they keep asking for it again and again).  But the standard Oreogasm Cake doesn't give me much opportunity to practice my decorating skills, so this time I decided to make the Oreogasm Cake into a (drum roll please) ...

Oreo Quadruple Stuf Cookie Cake!!!

It is like the Oreo Double Stuf Cookie, only with more "Stuf".  Get it... double the double Stuf is quadruple Stuf.  That's a lot of Stuf.

For the cookie top and base I baked two 9" round shortbread cookies.  I guess I should have made them chocolate shortbread, but hey, maybe next time.

To make the cookies black, I just brushed them with dark cocoa powder.  Here is the cookie that will form the bottom of the cake getting a dusting of cocoa powder.

Next I started making the iconic "Oreo" design out of fondant and arranging it atop the second cookie.

Here is the finished cookie top with all its do-dads.  Yes, I should have tinted the fondant black, but in the beginning I planned on just dusting it with cocoa powder.  That didn't work (the cocoa powder didn't completely obscure the white color) so in the end I had to paint each piece of white fondant with black food color.  What a time consuming PITA.

Last touch for the cookie top was a dusting of cocoa powder.

Ta Da,  The finished cookie top...

Next the stacking of the cake...
The finished cake.  How cool is that!!

And the inside was just Oreogasmic.  The shortbread cookie was pretty good too.

Happy Decorating,



  1. Hi Carol, I love this yummy idea! What a clever lady. Xxxxx

    1. Thanks, Edith. This was a fun one to make.