Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TWD: Pea-NOT-tiest Blondies

I made my last Houston-New Orleans commute on Friday, October 29th and the next morning I pulled out my pans and started BAKING. Yahoo! An almost two month exile from my kitchen and my weekly Tuesdays with Dorie fix was finally at an end.

And what was I fortunate enough to get to bake?
Peanuttiest Blondies.
Lucky Me. One of my favorites.

This week’s selection was made by Nicole of Bakeologie. The recipe can be found on page 119 of Dorie Greenspan’s book: BAKING From My Home to Yours, or on Nicole's blog site.

Now I’m a great lover of Peanuts and Peanut Butter, but my family falls more on the “great hater” side of the Peanut Butter fence. So I had to make some minor adjustment to Dorie’s fabulous recipe. I subbed Almond Butter for the Peanut Butter and replaced the peanuts with a medley of four nuts: almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and pecans.

It was yummy. Moist, chewy and oh-so nutty... So my version my not be Peanuttiest Blondies, but they are certainty the Nuttiest Blondies.


  1. What great substitutions!! I really need to make myself some almond butter! YUm!

  2. Ps, I live in Houston. I'd totally love to play with your adorable little puppy!!! ;)

  3. sounds like a great mix of nuts! I used almonds instead.

  4. Yes these were so nutty and packed full of sweet goodness! Yours look so good! I love that you mixed it up with the nuts!!

  5. Commuting from Houston to New Orleans! Oh lordy that sounds awful. I used to live in Houston and drive out to Beaumont a lot and I thought that was far!

    Your Pea-Not blondies look great ;) thanks for baking along.