Monday, July 4, 2011

TWD: Chocolate Chunk Muffins

I've been a bad blogger lately :(

I've been baking goodies once, twice and even thrice a week, but not blogging about any of them (bad, bad, blogger). What can I say: work, life, parties, holidays, watering my drought parched lawn, lots of things have gotten in the way.

But today on this sweltering July 4th afternoon, I made some mid-year resolutions...

1) I will blog on everything I bake,
2) I will stop using my treadmill as laundry line and start exercising again, and
3) I will try to see the good in people and situations. Note to self: stop being so negative.

So here is my first blog in a while, TWD's Chocolate Chunk Muffins. So good, so chocolaty, so moist and delicious. Thanks, Bridget of The Way the Cookie Crumbles, for a great selection.

Next week Cream Scones (yummm, my favorite).


  1. I wish you luck on your mid-year resolutions. I may just join you on the treadmill one. Pants are just a little too snug.

  2. Your resolutions sound just like my list. It is always good to try and improve. These muffins need little improvement, maybe a few more chocolate chunks! Otherwise, delish. Have a great week.

  3. Oh, oh. I think we all may have the same list. I just did a big catch up post.
    Your muffins looks delicious!

  4. Beautiful looking muffins... and it's great to see you again! :)

  5. Those muffins look so deliciously chocolaty. That's one sure way to start the day off with a smile. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog till Monday night and I'd love it if you'd come by and link your muffins up.

  6. So, you decorate your treadmill, also. We both should be ashamed.

    Your muffins look great. I didn't make them because no one is here to eat them. All I need, is to have chocolate around the house.