Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fried Egg and Bacon - Cookies!

WOW it has been a while since I posted.

I've still been baking and attempting to decorate, but "life" has all but eliminated my blogging time. But I started a new (less stressful) job a few weeks ago, so hopefully I will have more time to post my successes and failures.

Here are some cookies I baked for Thanksgiving. Not very traditional I know but I saw them at a work luncheon and I had to give them a try....

The egg portion is sugar cookie and the bacon is pretzel sticks. Too cute. Or at least I thought so.

The yoke was the most difficult part to make. I made flattened balls of cookie dough and after baking I dipped them in yellow-orange icing and allowed them to dry. I then used a little icing to glue the yokes to the main cookie and then flooded the main cookie with white icing.

And voila... A sure fire way to get your kids to eat eggs!!!


  1. I think these would be fun cookies for April Fools' Day. Can you post your icing recipe please?

  2. I use Toba Garretts Glace Icing. It is just powdered sugar (1 lb), milk (3/8 cup) and corn syrup (3/8 cup). The recipe can be found here: