Thursday, June 13, 2019

PJ Mask Cake

There must be something like a million bigillion cartoon shows for kids.  A family member asked me to make a PJ Mask Cake for her son's 3rd birthday and I just thought PJ WHAT??  Here is yet another cartoon show I know nothing about.

But a quick google search turned up silhouettes strutting around a cityscape bathed in a yellow glow of a rising moon.  I didn't know kid's cartoons could be so poetic, but then I realized the silhouettes had names like Catboy...


And Owlette!

LOL, so much for poetry.

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Anyway... the first step in this cake construction was to make the night time cityscape and the 3 character silhouettes.  I used Fondarific Black Fondant mixed with a little Wilton Tylose Powder.  The tylose power makes the fondant sturdier and able to stand up straight without any additional support.  It is a cheap-man's gumpaste.  I cut out the cityscape using a long razor slicer, and then I added some windows using yellow tinted fondant (Buttercup Yellow).  Next I made the big yellow moon that would hang behind the city.  Once both the moon and the cityscape were dry, I glued them together with some yellow candy melts and then glued bamboo skewers to the back with more candy melts.

Next I cut out the "Masks" from tinted fondant.  I found an image of the characters and printed the masks so they would fit the side of my cake (4" tall).  Here are all the templets I used.

I cut the printed mask images into the individual components and then used the paper cutouts as a guide to cut out the fondant.  For Catboy I used Wilton Royal Blue and Sky Blue food gels.

For Gekko I used Leaf Green and Electric Green gel food colors.  For Owlette I used Red Fondarific Fondant. (I hate, hate, hate tinting fondant a deep red so I just buy the ready made stuff.)  I also textured Gekko and Owlette with some cheese cloth.

For the "ribbon" around the base of the cake I used my trusty ACE Food Safe Extruder.  I love this thing.  It is one of my favorite (and most used) cake decorating tools.

For the lettering I used a font called Heros and Legends from the website.   I typed Duke's name into the site's font viewer, printed the results, and then used the paper templet to cut out the fondant.  Funny almost accident here...  I cut out my paper "2" but then realized Duke was actually turning 3.  Glad I didn't deliver the cake with a 2 on it - that would have been embarrassing.

So here is the finished cake.  Happy 3rd Birthday, Duke.

Happy Decorating,


Supply List: 

Mona Lisa Fondant
Wilton Tylose Powder
14" Cake Drum
Royal Blue Gel Color
Sky Blue Gel Color
Electric Green Gel Food Color
Fondarific Black Fondant
Fondarific Red Fondant
Wilton's Yellow Candy Melts
Wilton's Buttercup Yellow Gel Color
Leaf Green Gel Colors
Cake Boss Decorating Tools
Razor Slicer
ACE Food Safe Extruder

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