Monday, May 18, 2009

Crawfish Boil

Every year on the weekend before Memorial Day my brother, David, has a big crawfish boil. Here is a batch jut coming out of the pot and in the background is the second batch of live crawfish waiting for their turn in the sauna (poor things).

This year my brother bought a big "pirouge" serving boat. He was so proud of that thing.

And here is a scoop of crawfish waiting to be eaten by me. Traditional accompani-
ments to the crawfish are corn on the cob, potatoes, sausage, garlic and mushrooms. And BUTTER, lots and lots of butter squirted on the corn and potatoes.

My contribution to the party was of course the desserts. Pralines, brownies, red velvet sandwich cookies, and burger cupcakes. I also made deviled eggs, not a dessert but still damn good.

Here are the pralines. Yum....
I use a typical praline recipe: white sugar, brown sugar, butter, milk, pecan, etc. The real "art" of praline cooking is temperature. Too low and the pralines are gritty, too high and the pralines are brittle. Like Goldilocks, the temperature needs to be just right.

The brownies... Actually brownie - chocolate chip cookie combo with chocolate icing...

The Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies... this is a Paul Deen recipe that has become a family favorite. I make it without the pecans because one of my brothers is allergic to nuts. PS: the Paula Dean recipe makes waaaaayyyy too much icing. I cut the icing recipe in half and still have leftovers.

The burger cupcakes and sugar cookie French fries... A favorite with the kids.

The deviled eggs... Made with olives - a family recipe.


  1. You almost presented all of my favorite food! Man you're good!

  2. Scrolled all the way down in anticipation of a good deviled egg recipe (haven't found one I LOVE yet) and low and behold... no recipe. Darn! :)