Sunday, May 15, 2011

TWD: Pecan Shortbread - Fiasco

I was in a mood for shortbread, so I decided to try out Dorie Greenspan's Pecan Shortbread.

Should I describe my attempt as a failure? A fiasco? An unmitigated flop?

I don't know what I did wrong, but whatever it was, my "wrongness" was major.

Too much butter?

Not enough flour?

I thought I measured everything correctly, but apparently NOT.

Instead of nice, sharp edged squares, everything spread into one thin sheet of butter, sugar, pecans, and flour. It tasted good (like pecan taffy), but it was definitely unappealing.

Oh well, file this one under "misadventures".

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  1. No one had the nerve to comment. I am not afraid to. I have made other recipes that look just like this and I posted them

    So, good for you. If you want to, feel free to post this on Bake with Bizzy. Nah, that is a little too much.