Thursday, May 6, 2021

Baby Brontosaurus Shower Cake

This is a dinosaur cake that I made for my 1st cousin's (once removed) baby shower.  I used her invitation as the inspiration for the cake.

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The topper was made using my Cricut Air Explorer.  The font I used is called Amarillo which I downloaded from the site  The letter "O" is a different font, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the font. I used glitter card stock for the front and dark brown card stock for the back.  I stuck the two together using an adhesive dot runner (don't get the glue runner, get the dot runner), and to finish it off I hot glued an 8" long 3mm thick acrylic rod to the back.  Easy Peasy, and it only cost about $1.50 to make.

The cookies were made to match the cute little baby brontosaurus on the invitation my cousin sent me.  I made a cookie cutter using my Ender 3 Pro 3D printer.   I can't tell you how much I love this 3D printer.  I seem to use it with every cake I make.  I'm serious, really, every cake.  I have a blog post HERE if you want to read more about 3D printers.

For my cookies I use glaze instead of royal icing (I think it just tastes better). I used Wilton Leaf Green food gel with a little Ivory for the body, and ivory for the tummy and spots on the back.

I also used edible marker to make the eyes, mouth, and outline the spots and the body.

For the flowers I used a Peony petal and leaf cutter, and for the tiny roses and leaves I used a silicone mold that came with a unicorn set.   The drip was made using Merckens Super White coating wafers mixed with a 3:1 ratio of heavy whipping cream.  I used to use the Wilton brand, but no one seems to have them anymore.  I tinted the drip using the Wilton Leaf Green and Ivory to match the glaze on the dinosaurs.

So here is the finished cake.  It was actually pretty easy to make.

Happy Decorating,


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